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Strong Mama Method

A postnatal exercise membership that guides you every step of the way post baby, helping you to build strength, fitness and body confidence, so that you can get back to feeling like yourself.

Guided at home postpartum workouts for busy mums

Strong Mama Method

For the mama’s that want to increase their fitness, tone, reclaim full function and boost body confidence after baby…

Go from confusion and overwhelm to confidence and empowerment with our Strong Mama Method.

All workouts are between 10 and 40 minutes to fit into your day. Every 4-6 weeks you will receive new workouts tailored to your stage of postpartum. You can join our supportive community. As well as having access to our educational and regular check-in videos with Lucy you will be fully empowered and supported.

Start your journey

Who's it for?

This is for you if you are: 

  • Ready to make yourself a priority
  • Committed to making time for 20 minute workouts
  • Ready to give your body the time, care and patience it needs
  • Ready to see change

You can join the club at any time, all the programs are designed to progress you safely, they take into account all birth types, diastasis recti, energy levels and pelvic floor symptoms.

Pregnancy is temporary, postpartum is forever.

It’s so important to give your body the care, support and safe movement it needs when you start exercising again. You are reconnecting, restoring & strengthening your body after a huge number of changes. So it needs a little bit of time, love and care to get to a happy and strong base-line again.

Benefits of the membership

What's inside the method?

Postnatal fitness plan from day 1 to 6 months and beyond

Four week workout programs tailored to each stage of recovery. Each program building from the last to increase your strength, fitness and endurance at a safe and progressive pace. 

Educational videos

So that you can really understand your body and the changes it has been through. Including postnatal recovery, scar mobility, pelvic floor, diastasis, nutrition, stress, sleep and relieving pains.

Community of like-minded mums

Supportive and like-minded mums sharing their wins, celebrating yours and talking all things motherhood. 

Live monthly workout & masterclass

Each month we have a live workout and a masterclass topic that we deep dive on, this is selected by mama’s in the club.

Nutrition advice & recipes

Healthy & delicious recipes for busy mums, with guides to help you simply understand nutrition and what calories your body needs.

What our members say

“I felt such a difference in just 6 weeks.”

Lucy explains every exercise and where you should be feeling it so you know you’re doing it right.


“I don’t think I would’ve been able to do it without you and your guidance.”

I had the most fun delivering my little girl and I managed to have a successful VBAC. Thanks for all your support and I don’t think I would’ve been able to do it without you and your guidance. I had the best, most enjoyable time during my labor and delivery and even my recovery isn’t too bad. Thank you so much!!! 


Postpartum Workout Programs

Designed to help you fully recover and get back to you after birth

You can select your program from where you are starting or work through them in order. From reconnecting with your core and glute muscles, awaking them up again through to getting back to the challenging high intensity workouts you know and love.

Work through each phase at your own pace, as you can pause the program as you go. Each phase is four weeks and you can always repeat a phase if you’d like to. Suitable for at home or in the gym.

We use techniques that are proven and research based to help you support your body in the best way and get back to feeling like you.


Workout programs, exercise demonstrations, educational videos, nutritional advice, live classes, masterclasses and a community of strong mama’s.

Created by a mum & postnatal personal trainer

Hey, I’m Lucy! I’m a proud mama to two cheeky boys and a qualified pre & postnatal corrective exercise specialist. I’m passionate about supporting mums throughout their motherhood journey so that they can feel strong, pain free and like themselves, with nothing holding them back.

I created the method during my own pregnancy and postnatal recovery, it combines my qualifications, personal experience and professional experience working with clients.

I found when I was pregnant all I could find was pregnancy yoga and while that is great, I love strength and conditioning training, so I wanted more than that. Postnatally I wanted workouts that were still challenging and not boring. So I’ve created just that for you!

The best way to lose baby weight

Weight gain from pregnancy is essential and healthy. After baby is here it’s normal to want to lose the extra baby weight gained, we are all about supporting you with exercise and nutritional advice so that you can lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. You will find no crazy plans or diet culture here!

Heal your diastasis & pelvic floor

All of the programs are built with diastasis and pelvic floor in mind, so you can feel confident that you are working towards strengthening without injury. We also have specific pelvic floor and diastasis programs. 

Save time and confusion

With short workouts, you can get started immediately and fit a workout in during nap time. You also have access to all of the postnatal fitness advice you need in one place you will save hours of scrolling through the internet and sifting through real and false information.


Your body has been through so much and you selflessly handed it over for 9+ months, now it’s time to feel like you again and be confident in your skin. I am here to help you with your diastasis, stop the embarrassing leaking, tone your tummy and get your glutes back with safe, quick and fun workouts.

Get started today with your FREE week

Join today and progress through your postnatal fitness journey with Lucy guiding you every step of the way.

Give your body the love, care and respect it deserves and feel like yourself with nothing holding you back!

Monthly Membership


Billed monthly after 7 day trial

Yearly Membership


Billed annually. Saving of 30% (four months free)

With the monthly membership, you can cancel anytime, there is no minimum term or contract.

Combining the workouts you WANT
with the workouts you NEED

Core and pelvic floor rehab are so important but I know they aren’t necessarily the exercises you want to be doing. So I’ve combined them with the workouts you actually know and want to do. Postnatal fitness doesn’t need to be boring. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You are never too postnatal to restore and strengthen your body post baby.

Each program has a varying number of workouts but they average four per week. This is a guide and you can fit them in around your week. There are solo workouts that aren’t within a program as you may want to add an extra workout in or try something new.

All of the workouts are around 20-30 minutes and you have access to short 5-10 minute educational videos with each program. It really is up to you how much time you invest.

You can cancel at any time within the app there are no contracts, so its easy to stop  or pause when you want to. Refunds for unused days aren’t be given.

Yes it is. I always recommend seeing a Women’s Health Physio to have a Mummy MOT as you will know exactly where your body is and they can give specific recommendations. The Strong Mama Method is suitable for both diastasis and pelvic floor symptoms as all programs and designed with them in mind by a pre and postnatal specialist.  We also have programs specifically for diastasis rehab and pelvic floor.

The Strong Mama Method is a monthly membership that costs £29 per month. This is a recurring subscription until you cancel.

You will need 1x resistance band, 1x light, 1x heavy set of dumbbells.

Yes you can do all of the workouts at home and you can also adapt them for the gym as well.