Free Postnatal Exercise Class in Maidstone

One hour to understand your postnatal body and have an empowered start to postnatal exercise

My gift to you...

Tune in to what your body needs, so you can have a stronger core, pelvic floor and more body confidence.

In the class you will

Saturday 30th April 9.30am

The postnatal fitness class will take place in Maidstone at Warmlake Dance Studios, Sutton Valance, ME17 3LQ.

Whether you are six weeks or six years postpartum this class will help you understand your postnatal body so you can build strength and get your body back to feeling like yours again. 

If you are confused, overwhelmed or worried about what exercises to do or if you’re doing them correctly, I would love to support and guide you because you deserve to feel amazing.

Babies are welcome, but I always recommend having this time for yourself to just focus on you!

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