Whether you are 6 weeks or 6 years post natal we take time to get to know you, your goals and about your pregnancy, birth and recovery. We create a tailored program for you, so that all of your personal needs are looked after. We take extra care with your core & pelvic floor to get them back to 100% while working towards your goals.

Our focus is also to celebrate what your body is capable of, to remind you that you have a phenomenal body that has grown, birthed & nurtured your baby. You have seen first hand what your body is capable of. You know the change that is possible and you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

We are here to support you every step of the way. To help you set goals and reach them safely and effectively. We focus everything around recovery, restoring and re-strengthening your body. So that you can feel great and keep up with your new role as mama!

As a mama myself I know how it feels to get back into exercise and know personally how it feels to take on the little things like jumping, but we will have you there in no time, its all a process and not one to be rushed.

  • 1:1 sessions with a personal progressive program.
  • Focus on core, pelvic floor & full body strengthening
  • Personal progressive programs
  • Understanding, support & empowerment
  • Our sessions are relaxed and friendly, we are here to get the most out of you for that session and adapt every time… as we know sleepless nights are REAL!

Southcote Clinic

Southcote is a small private gym, so at any one time there will one be four people in the gym. Little ones are welcome, so you dont need to worry about childcare.

Southcote Proactive Healthcare Clinic, Sittingbourne Road, Maidstone.

Core The Gym

Core is located in The Mall shopping center is a large gym with everything you could ever need. Unfortunately little ones aren’t able to come to this gym.

Core The Gym, The Mall Maidstone, ME14 1BW

Your Home

You can train in the comfort of your own home and we can bring the equipment. You don’t need to worry about nap times or parking.

If you’re within 5 miles of Maidstone there is no extra charge, if your outside there is a small travel fee.

If you would like to find out more or want to arrange a taster session & consultation, we’d love to hear from you, drop us a message using the form below. Or feel free to call Lucy 07740 337515.