Strong Mama Collective was founded by Lucy in 2019, after having her little boy, Henry. With the aim of empowering mum’s & mums to be to exercise safely, strengthen their body and boost body confidence.

Pregnancy & being a new mum are two hugely exciting and uncertain times. A lot of the focus is of course on your little one, but its also one of the most important times to look after yourself. We’re here to make exercise safe & simple, to make sure you are getting that important and well needed time to do something your body and mind.

We focus on the changes your body goes through during pregnancy and post natally. To help prevent diastasis recti, pelvic floor incontinence and prolapse. We work with you every step of the way as your body changes. Incorporating breathing, corrective exercise, pelvic floor and core specific training.

Hey, I’m Lucy! I’m a qualified Pre & Postnatal Personal Trainer in Maidstone and I’m super passionate about helping mama’s feel amazing.

As a mum I also know what its like to continue exercising while your pregnant and how it feels as your body changes. I know the overwhelming feeling of the strange empty jiggly belly after birth. Wanting to rest, recover & get back into exercise in the same second. That’s why I’m here to support you every step of the way to provide safe and effective exercise, to help you feel empowered and confident.

I believe you don’t need to ‘get your old body back’, you have a phenomenal body that has not only grown your baby, but birthed & nurtured it! You have seen first hand what your body is capable of, you know the change that is possible and you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

  • Lv2 Fitness Instruction NASM (National Academy of Sport Medicine)
  • Lv3 Personal Trainer NASM (National Academy of Sport Medicine)
  • Lv3 Adapting Exercise for Ante Natal and Post Natal Clients YMCA
  • IDTA (International Dance Teacher Association)
  • Currently studying – Lv4 Nutritional Adviser NASM (National Academy of Sport Medicine)

If you are pregnant, have given birth and/or raise your little one, then you know why I chose Strong Mama! It’s one of the most amazing, empowering, hardest things you can do and you should 100% be proud to call yourself a strong mama (at the very least!).

My aim is to create a community and bring together a collective of strong mama’s and amazing businesses that support them. So the name came naturally!